This project was a design for my print-on-demand shop. After my first draft, I changed my course entirely, deciding to create a Pop-Art style poster using the color yellow.

Coming up with ideas to make this design more interesting. 

Realizing more than halfway through that I should have used references, and then continuing anyway, without any references.

I spent a lot of time scaling this polka-dot pattern. It is somewhat tedious to repeatedly click on Object>Transform>Scale and then unchecking those default boxes each time. I need to streamline this process, maybe create actions or just keyboard shortcuts. I really just need more practice with patterns. I was discouraged because I was able to see the pattern swatch borders within my design. I wondered if this was normal and if this would be visible when I saved the PNG.

AI Tools & Functions Used
Patterns (pre-made), Clipping Masks, Warp (zig-zag), Pen Tool, Elipse, Pathfinder, Offset Path, Spiral tool (on first draft only)
(below: final design)
(below: first draft)
(below: some product previews from my shop)​​​​​​​
Above, you can see what this design looks like on some of Redbubble's products. 

If you are interested in seeing my Redbubble shop, here's my link.

Thank you for visiting me on Behance. 
I welcome all feedback.

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